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Can anyone, or the page itself, access my password?
No, the username and password are always entered on the Twitter website, no one can access them
On the application's permissions on Twitter it states that -it will be able to update my status-, will any Tweet be sent without my consent?
No, never. Tweets will only be sent when you click on -Tweet on Twitter-.
I've used other applications and they've sent Direct Messages to all my friends without my consent. Will this happen on TuitUtil too?
No way. I am completely against this practice (which is, by the way, absolutely forbidden by Twitter).
Can I access TuitUtil from my smartphone or tablet?
Absolutely! Besides the desktop site, it's adapted to tablets and smartphones (the device is automatically recognized by your browser's user agent).
I have several Twitter accounts, can I use them all on TuitUtil?
No problem. Once you've logged in with one account, you can change the user by clicking on the -switch account- button.
My Tweets are protected on my Twitter account. Can anybody see my Tweets on TuitUtil?
No, protected Tweets are never shown (some of the menus like favorites, retweets and FollowFriday won't appear). Statistics (minidata) and TOP are shown, but no tweets are contained in them.